I have setup an RSYNC mirroring system with the following configuration:

1.) An rsyncuser eDirectory account LUM/Linux enabled
2.) rsyncuser given full permissions to entire target volume on target server
3.) on source server, cron job runs rsync every hour
4.) on source server, rsync command utilizes SSH with the above rsyncuser account (I deny root login via SSH)
5.) I also have RSYNC daemon running on target server that has the uid set to "rsyncuser" and gid set to "LUM" which is the name of my eDirectory LUM group

So, everything works great except one problem.

If I delete a folder/file on source, the --delete options in my rsync command do not remove it on the source.

If a folder/file is moved on the source, the original is not removed on target srever

If a folder/file is renamed, the original remains on target server.

/var/log/rsyncd.log on target doesn't say permission denied or any attempt to delete files.

It would seem to me like it would be a permissions thing for the rsyncuser account and the target NSS volume, but I see no obvious indication of that, just the behaviour.

Does anybody have any ideas on this, how I could overcome it? I obviously just want the target NSS volume to be an exact mirror of the source. But when people rename/move folders, then data consumption on target NSS volume increases a lot.