Hi I have been doing a lot of digging and some playing and lots of cursing regarding imaging Windows 7 with the Agent installed.

I wanted to use sysprep and have the machine rename itself as this was the setup we used in the XP and zen 7 method. After many many image creations I was constantly getting the OS rebooting unexpectedly during the sysprep stage even after telling the ISD to not modify the Windows SID as instructed in the documentation.

Only after taking an educated guess I thought I would disable the ISD service altogether and then script it back on after sysprep had finished only to find that not only did it fix the unexpected reboot during sysprep but also the machine still renamed itself and the ISD service was back on once the desktop was loaded.

While I am dancing around the room at fixing a problem that has been upsetting me for a few weeks now I'm a little perplexed as to the strange fix.

Firstly I wanted to share my findings but also to find out if anyone else out there experienced similar issues and if they had an "official" fix for it. This issue almost feels like a bug.

I am running ZCM 10.2.2 with the "novell imaging patch for sysprep" fix.

The imaging process was as follows
- install as per usual. ctrl-shift-f3 when prompted for username
- once in sysprep mode install agent and cancel reboot.
- load ziswin.exe and disable windows SID change on restore
- disable the novell ISD service
- run sysprep -generalize -oobe -shutdown -unattend:sysprep.xml
- image machine