We are having problems moving directories for some users from one volume to another. NSM Gives the status message 25026 and it starts over and over again until I abort the event in “Pending Events”, the status message here is “Confirming that the source directory is not in use”. I am absolutely sure that the directory is not in use, in fact it’s empty, and I can’t figure out why it won’t move this particular directory, and a few others, when other similar directories are moved without problems. This is the message in ENGINEMS.TXT:

03/11 16:09:43 4: A_Mgr PerformQueueMaint: brj.MIMI.ROS.DMU..MIMI-ROS-ARKIV-AUX.NSM-Policies-AUX.TEKNIK.DMU move action to READY
03/11 16:09:43 4: 291 Go: brj.MIMI.ROS.DMU..MIMI-ROS-ARKIV-AUX.NSM-Policies-AUX.TEKNIK.DMU Confirming that the source directory is not in use
03/11 16:09:43 4: 291 E372 Begin MoveUserAUX: <brj.MIMI.ROS.DMU..MIMI-ROS-ARKIV-AUX.NSM-Policies-AUX.TEKNIK.DMU>
03/11 16:09:43 4: 291 MoveUserAUX: User (brj.MIMI.ROS.DMU) connected to directory (YES); Open file count (0).
03/11 16:09:43 4: 291 E372 End MoveUserAUX: <brj.MIMI.ROS.DMU..MIMI-ROS-ARKIV-AUX.NSM-Policies-AUX.TEKNIK.DMU> status=25026

We are running Netware 6.5 SP8.


John Bebe