I tried to look up this issue and could not find antyhing but if there is a thread that's on point please let me know.

The server is running SLES 10 SP2 with OES 2 SP1 and was originally running ZCM 10.0.3. I uninstalled 10.0.3 using the mono command using zenworksuninstall.exe put in the documentation which supposedly got rid of the install. Then I tried to install ZCM 10.2 and I am getting in the log the following errors - the rest were listed as "info" on the severity scale.

- There was one or more serious problems during the creation of ZENworks services

- Unable to modify server.xml

- com.novell.zenworks.sysconfig.LauncherException: java.io.IOException: /opt/novell/zenworks/sharesybase/bin/dbinit: not found
(note that I could not find this sharesybase folder either on the server)

All I tried to do was install ZCM with the embedded sybase database option. I tried the roll back option since the install had these erroes and now when I try to install ZCM 10.2 again the installer says its already there yet I cannot access the ZCM server via a browser and I also cannot uninstall using the mono command because the server cannot be contacted. So basically I am stuck wth ZCM not working and no way out.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get this working or what to look into that would be great. Not exactly Zero Effort Networking going on here with this - more like lots of frustration instead.