A while ago when I deployed iPrint in my organization I found that when I tried to install iPrint printers to HP dc5800 systems running XP SP3 the Print Spool service would crash, but when I restarted the service the printer would be properly installed.

Now I am in the process of making a change to the driver profile which is causing iPrint to reinstall the printers, but I am getting stuck in an error/installation loop. iPrint is once again causing the Print Spooler to crash, but on the recovery, the update is not completed so iPrint tries to download the update again. I have even deleted the printer but there appears to be something cached as after I download the printer and try to print to it again, it is still detecting that it needs to update itself. This issue only causes problems with random dc5800 systems running XP SP3, other system models and Win 7 systems haven't had this issue, and all systems are running iPrint 5.30. What can I check to get this working? Thanks!