This isn't really an abend issue, but I'm thinking that maybe the
expertise over here might be that which most directly applies to this
problem. Please feel free to direct me to a more appropriate group,

I have two almost-identical HP Proliant servers. Server A is the "file
server" running print services & file storage. Server B is the
groupwise server. Both have Netware 6.5 SP7. Server A has 8GB
installed memory, and server B has 4GB. Other than usage, I am not
aware of any configuration differences between the servers.

At some point, Server A started to get really slow, particularly
noticeable with a certain Foxpro-based database app that is shared on
the server. This -might- have happened when memory was added to both
servers, but I don't believe the timing was coincident. (It was a few
months ago; the issues weren't reported for quite some time.)

After investigating the slowness with the Foxpro app, I realized that
overall access to Server A is much slower than to Server B. And I put
the database app on Server B, it runs in about 1% the time of server A.
For example, building a PDF file with this app takes 5-10 minutes
(literally) on Server A, but <30 seconds on Server B.

I have run checks on the volumes of Server A and compared the
configurations, and run MEMCALC on both. The difference persists. The
same workstations accessing the app from Server B simply fly through
compared to Server A.

I am unclear as to where to even start to try to find out what has made
Server A get so slow. Antivirus is definitely not a factor, but I don't
really know where to look for something that might be a configuration
issue that's dragging it way down. I can run & post the server config
here if that will help ... would appreciate some suggestions as to
common causes for the slowness.

Thanks for any help.

-- DE