This forum has been so helpfull I have much of what I require up and running.

There is however a tweak that would be helpfull if anyone could help.

I have made a mobile satellite imaging platform that works great.

I can pull down all my images via PXE boot menu.

I can also create/backup an image with a basic cfg file that gives a default image name.

Is it possible to add a script to the config file that will give me the option to name the image ?

I have several sites that require a lot of PC backups.

my current cfg file is this:

DEFAULT imaging
LABEL imaging
	kernel boot\linux
	append 5 initrd=boot\initrd mode=2 rootimage=/root install=tftp://$PXESERVER/boot splash=silent vga=0x314 tftptimeout=50 $KERNEL_PARMS IMGCMD="img -makep new_image.zmg" 6
If anyone coul help I would really appreciate it.