We recently converted to a BorderManager firewall - BM37 SP1 - using
dynamic nat and proxy caching for web access.

We have several websites that are hosted by an offsite provider. Allof the websites have the exact same TCP/IP address. The hosting
provider somehow uses the URL from the browser to determine what pageto display. I don't understand it, but it works...

The problem is, since we switched over to using BM37, a lot of our
users are getting the wrong page back from this site. It's as if they

typed in the IP address instead of the URL. Funny thing is, it
doesn't affect all users. Just a select group of complainers, lucky

The affected websites are:

www.nationalvision.com -
www.440lens.com -

It seems that the first URL is the default one - that's what you get
if you type in the IP address instead of an URL.

Is this actually being caused by BorderManager? If so, how do I fix