Hi all,
We want to enable user quotas to manage/restrict growth on users home directories and I have some questions on "best practice" and tips about pitfalls to avoid.

First of all our environment is SLES10 and OES2sp2 with windows XP clients without Novell clients, so we use samba together with nss, and have "redirected" the "My Documents" folder to a nss-volume which hosts the home directories of 700+ users.

Since purpose is restricting size of home directories so I want to enable "user quotas" and then use 2 levels (one for "common" users and a higher quota for "special" users).

And so the questions:
1. Is it at all possible without the Novell client?
2. What about ownership/creator of the directory? Today it is most often a helpdesk staff which is creator and the user trustee. As I understand the user/trustee has to own his/her directory for the quota to work?
3. What is the best way to handle 2 different quotas? Can I use 2 groups and enforce quota on them or do you have to do it on each user account?
4. Are there any special considerations to be aware of when enabling user quotas?
5. what if the user has a quota on his/her directory on one volume and has access to another directory on another volume (same pool) is the quota calculated only on the directory where set or is it total size of user files on the entire pool?

All information/answers is greatly appreciated.

Please advice.