We got the Calendar Publishing working, and it's a treat, very nice integration to our Intranet, teaming etc.

But for users that has a published calendar, and is then moved, the publishing fails!

I've set the loglevel for the Calpub to diagnostic, and I see this:
15:28:00, <GWCAL>, -, INFO, -, Sending request to POA:
Host: gw4.as.dk
User-Agent: com.novell.gw.calhost.PoaConnection
X-GW-CalHost-Id: THluZ2J5

15:28:00, <GWCAL>, -, INFO, -, POA Response:
Location: http://gw8.as.dk:7171/calendar/a2VmQ...4xLjIxNTIuMQ==

<html><head><title>Moved</title></head><body>Requested resource has moved</body></html>

HTTP/1.1 500
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 15:28:00 GMT
Server: Linux GroupWise POA 8.0.1
Content-Type: text/html
Pragma: no-cache

15:28:00, <GWCAL>, -, INFO, -, Requesting data from POA. Userid: KEF, Calendar: Rejser, Status: 301

So first of, it connects to PO4 without problems, then PO8 where it finds the user (correctly), and then it gives an error when trying to access the calendar.

The calendar has been 'unpublished'/'republished' but the URL doesn't change.
I can create a new calendar, and move the appointments there, and then it works, but it's not a solution of course :-)