I am convinced that GroupWise 8 does not work on XP period.
I have Installed gw801HP_client_win_en.exe and can't get it to work regardless of what I do.

I have started with a new XP install - then loaded SP3 and the current critical updates. Then installed the GWclient rebooted and it hangs 99.99% of the time while launching. If by chance i get the .01% chance that it does load. the gwsync.exe file process hangs when I exit and doesn't allow it to reload. I've read all the forms on running cleanit and such which i have but, again even with a new XP OS install it still does the same thing. I have no messenger running on the client side so that does not make any difference.
*** WHAT DOES WORK IS IF I CHANGE THE PROPERTIES OF THE ICON TO COMPATIBILITY MODE OF WIN98, but then many other things do not work in the application and it crashes in many areas.
Soooo. What's the deal, like I said, at this point I am totally convinced Groupwise does not work on XP. It seems to work fine on Windows 7 and 2008 server... Does anyone have a fix, as I have read through the forums there are many users having the same issues... and Novell seems to be ignoring the issues completely.