We've moved to Windows 7, now using Client 2 sp1, after lots of missing
files in IR1a.

Our biggest issue seemed to be the login script not running, it does,
but closes quite quickly on our new hardware, too fast to see usually,
until today.

Keeping the script open shows all drives show as "drive is not defined"
there is no other message.

Server mapping in the login script is via IP address.

Logging in via the Red N later gives correct mappings.

Is there a service dependency not starting or in the wrong order?

Is this related to a network service? not starting fast enough. Login
too fast, with all ip defined tree and server and you see Network
Initializing and then it fails, Tree or Server not found, nothing to do
with DNS resolver as I've seen elsewhere.

In relation to drives not defined - waiting for all disk activity to
stop at each stage makes no difference. Logging off or cold booting
makes no difference. It does not seem to be DNS related, tree is
defined with an IP address. The script tells me the tree and a server
are connected to (the Master Replica Server, SLES OES2 sp2 in this

A few days ago I couldn't find Client 2 SP1 for Windows 7 available for
download any more, I was looking for patches.

Thanks in advance.