I have a network with:

1 x Netware 6.5 SP8
1 x OES 2 SP1 Linux SLES 10 SP2

Both servers in same location, 1Gb switch, 1000Mbps / Full Duplex.

Both servers copy or root partition.

Zenworks 7sp1 installed on OES2 Linux server.

ZFD Agent


As soon as a user policy with a DLU is enabled login is slow.

If I assign a user policy with no DLU (GPO only) then login is acceptable (5 seconds from password entered).

However if a DLU is on the policy (volatile / non-volatile) after entering the password login takes ~40 seconds with a black screen before the login script will be processed and desktop appears.

Packet traces show absolutely no activity during this period then the next packet after the long delay is always a "NCP C Destroy Connection Service 0x5555" packet.

I do not see this packet on traces with no DLU (fast logins).

No roaming profiles being used.

Can anyone tell me more about 0x5555 NCP packet and how it might relate to this problem?