Hello all: I am having real trouble across a point-to-point T1 to a branch office. Latencies are ranging from 300 to 1200 ms. When I stop the zenserver daemon latency returns to 5 ms. Checking my router, traffic is very light, usually less than 5% and often just 1%.

I believe the problem started when I installed my first ZCM satellite server in the branch office. Shutting down ZCM daemons on the satellite server restore the network to proper performance. Installation of the satellite server went normal (as far as I can tell). I installed it into our existing zone gave it our primary server's ip address and port number when authenticating to the primary server. No errors reported. I have not configured the satellite server yet.

Currently the satellite server zcm daemons are down and will remain so until I can figure this out. I have no doubt I f'ed something up, but have no idea what. Can you help me out? Thanks, Chris.