This is what I got at the moment:

1. Single Windows 2003 Standard Server, HP G3 with 2 x Xeon Processors, 4Gb Memory, network cards teamed up to 2Gb and dedicated to running Zenworks 10.02. This is connected to a Novell 6.5 Server that provides authentication via e'Directory for my company. Dynamic, Roaming and a single Windows Group Policy has been configured. This server provides its services to 6 Citrix XenAPP 5.0 servers. Each server has the ZenWorks agent installed and this appeared to work fine during initial testing.

2. The problem that I am having is that intermittently the Zenwork Agent stops, sometimes it is protesting in the log files that c:\Windows\Temp file cannot be found.. my guess is that this is used as some staging area when Zenworks authenticates a user, then applies the Group Policy followed by applying the default W23k profile, then ALLUSERS before displaying the company standard desktop.

3. On other occasions the C:\Windows\Temp file is present but in a locked state and again the Zenwork Agent fails.

I am only using Zenworks to provide Roaming profiles and to apply a standard Group Policy for all staff who must access the company desktop via the Citrix Farm. This has been going on for the last 12 days... has anyone experienced this before?

Is there any alternative to using the C:\Windows\temp file as the temporary staging area for Zenworks?

When the agent fails, user login times can be anything from 15 minutes to 30 minutes or not at all.....

Any help or guidance on the above would be much appreciated.


Colin Rogerson
IT Manager