I'm going to attempt to migrate our Netware 6.5 / GroupWise 8 server this
weekend, and I'm reading up from
http://wiki.novell.com/index.php/Migration_Wizard the steps. It all seems
fairly straight forward and I recall doing this with the older tools years
I need to clarify something in STEP 2 though...

It says to modify autoexec.ncf with the IP address of your server. But my
destination server has already had the network config transferred via
INETCFG. So no IP config is loaded from autoexec.ncf.
My question then... Can I modify the sys:\etc\netinfo.cfg file on the
destination server to match the IP config on the source server? Will that
achieve the same result, I've never modified network config outside of the

I suppose I should ask now, any tips that I won't have noticed in the
article? Any common mistakes I should be aware of before I make them :)