A strange issue that we have seen before, but never been able to track down. Normally the problem seems to go away or the machines get rebuilt. Now we are having the issue again, only widespread and with machines that have been working for over a year.

The issue only ever seems to hit laptops (makes me suspect wireless...). But you get the same problem even using a cable, and with the wireless switch (the on/off switch on the laptop) turned off. You can login to Novell client fine, then the windows login box appears (this is normal). we use a local windows account with a blank password for all our users. this account is an administrator to the windows machine. we also have an 'administrator' account that has a password. If you login as the generic user with a blank password, the login script hangs and you never get to the desktop. If you log in with the administrator account (or any other account that has a password), the script finishes just fine and you get the desktop. There are no rights differences between the windows users.

We are using XP SP3, and novell client 4.91 sp5. you can plug a desktop into the same cable that laptop was just using and it logs in fine.

The blank password difference makes me wonder...is there some setting that microsoft is trying to apply and it won't accept a blank pw? the other oddball thing is that most of the machines having this problem have been working for a long time, and have been frozen with Deep Freeze. so I can't believe any of their settings changed. the only thing left is the network, but it doesn't 'seem' to be a network issue.

Please, please tell me someone else has seen this?