I am trying to Migrate apps from a Zenworks 6.5 environment to ZCM 10.2 and every time I attempt to convert an app I get the following error

Could not find mandatory attribute appFlags either the ldap mapping is incorrectly pointing to the starter Pack attribute 'app flags' or there is no mapping. Mappings can be changed in Console One on the LDAP Group object. The App:Flags should point to appFlags, App Flags should point to some other attribute like appFlagsOld
Migration failed for cn=Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional INSTALL,ou=Adobe,ou=Applications,ou=ZENWORKS,o=WFI SD

I have read through and added the attribute prerequisites specified in the migration documentation.

I have added the attributes to the LDAP Group of the Zenworks server the app is residing on. We currently have 3 6.5 Zenworks servers. I used an LDAP Browser to make sure the attributes were showing. I got

ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Flags$LDAPNames=appFlags
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App Flags$LDAPNames=appFlagsOld
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Path$LDAPNames=appPath
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Icon$LDAPNames=appIcon
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Contacts$LDAPNames=appContacts
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Working Directory$LDAPNames=appWorkingDirectory
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Drive Mappings$LDAPNames=appDriveMappings
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Parameters$LDAPNames=appParameters
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Printer Ports$LDAPNames=appPrinterPorts
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Shutdown Script$LDAPNames=appShutdownScript
ldapAttributeList: NDSName=App:Startup Script$LDAPNames=appStartupScript

It is showing this under the LDAP Group object for the particular Server. I have added the attributes to the other Zen 6.5 servers. I honestly don't know if I have these in the proper place? Any help would be greatly appreciated.