I am playing with the ZCM 10.3 RC1 build and am trying to get the Server Referral list working so that it will coexist with our existing ZEN7 server. So I put the IP of the ZEN7 server into the referral list, and when I PXE boot a machine it gets referred to the ZEN7 server as it should, but it fails to boot to the imaging menu as it fails to download files via TFTP:

"ProcessPXEMenu: TFTP Read File failed."

After running some network traces, I have found that it is trying to send the TFTP requests to the MAC address of the dhcrelay server that serviced the original DHCP requests, instead of the ZEN7 server.

In detail, the machine boots, it gets DHCP offers from our dhcrelay server ( in our test environment. PXE works and the Novell PreBoot Execution (PXE) Agent (v10.3.0.0) downloads from the ZCM10 server ( fine and runs. It gets referred to our ZEN7 server ( Then when it tries to download the pxemenu.txt from the ZEN7 server, it does an ARP for the dhcrelay server, then sends TFTP packets to the MAC address of the dhcrelay server, but with the IP header showing the IP address of the ZEN7 server. So it seems it should be ARPing for, but it ARPs for, although the IP header is correct. Only the MAC address is incorrect. I have attached a .pcap file showing the ARP and the subsequent bad TFTP request.

I don't know if this is only an issue with this RC build, or whether it was the same in previous releases, but it looks clear to me that this is doing the wrong thing. Any thoughts would be appreciated before I submit a bug report.