Hi Experts,

I'd have a tricky problem with LDAP and I don't find a satisfying solution.

In the central office we have some servers holding all replicas as R/W and one dedicated server holding all master replicas. These servers should know all the objects in the eDirectory and are asked from all other servers via LDAP.
I noticed, that one of our older servers (with NW6.5, SP8) had a very heavy workload, nearby 100%. Unloading NLDAP gets the utilization to normal values.

Then I traced the LDAP communications between the servers an I discovered, that all SLES10SP2/OES2SP1 servers want to know something about "uamPosixGroup" with an attribute value of "1.1". Unloading namcd (rcnamcd stop) at the Linux Box stops the LDAP-Requests.
The NW6.5 Server could not handle the request and gives an answer with the result code "80" (other) but does not close the session. At the OES2 Servers the LDAP request is answered with result code "10" and is beeing referred to other servers in the replica ring. In the meantime the OES2 Box does not close the session but answers with "Activating pending operation ..."
In 2 hours I counted 12000 Pending-Notifications to this one LDAP-Session-Handle. Then I stoped tracing and I'm sure, the server is stil without an answer.
Something is wrong and I checked via iManager the Schema. This Class is owned by LUM enabled Groups. We have 11 LUM Groups in our tree and each of them has the objectclass "uamPosixGroup". I researched a LDIF export of all objects an nothing seems to be wrong.

Pleas help me .. where is my problem and why the simple question of "uamPosixGroup" could not be answered. What have I to fix?

Thanks in advance ..