When I am migrating apps over, certain applications fail with the error:

Error Migrating cn=KSD iPrint Driver Update,ou=Applications,o=kasd to /~bundles~/KSD/KSD iPrint Driver Update
Exception Thrown Array cannot be null.
Parameter name: bytes in Migrate
Stack Trace: at System.Text.Encoding.GetString(Byte[] bytes)
at Apps.Plugin.Migrate(MigrationInfoStruct myMigrationInfoStruct)
Aborting Migration Task
Migration failed for cn=KSD iPrint Driver Update,ou=Applications,o=kasd

I have the ldap mappings config'd on the ldap group...

Old Attribute Name --> New Attribute Name
App:Path --> appPath
App:Icon --> appIcon
App:Contacts --> appContacts
App:Working Directory --> appWorkingDirectory
App:Drive Mappings --> appDriveMappings
App:Printer Ports --> appPrinterPorts
App:Parameters --> appParameters
App:Flags --> appFlags
App:Startup Script --> appStartupScript
App:Shutdown Script --> appShutdownScript
not sure what Im missing. Most of the applications work, but the ones that dont throw the above error. Any help would be appreciated.