We've got a bunch of dist. list with issues and Novell's solution is to delete them and recreate them (they don't want to analyze the databases to see what exactly is wrong with them, but would rather that I have to do all the work).

Since some of these have 300-400 users in them, I really don't feel like having to take a lot of time to manually re-populate them after I delete them.

There does not appear to be any way to export the list of users in console one and re-import them again, so I'm hoping there was some method to do this.

If not, then I guess we either live with the messed up lists until we go to Exchange or I have to do this on the weekend because otherwise someone will want to use the list while I have it deleted and not fully populated.

Not to mention the problems it'll cause with the FC and who knows what else since it'll have to be re-created with the same name and the gwchecks have a tendency to not really fix PAB like they're supposed to.