We are in our "move" of our GW8 system from NW to LINUX. The current DOMAIN and GWIA are on the same NW box with 8 POs on different servers all in the primary domain.

I created a SECONDARY domain and WebAccess Agent on a SLES 10 SP3 OES2 box. No problems so far. Everything is working correctly.

The Question I have is how to "best" create this second GWIA on my SLES box.

Am I correct on this?

I believe that if I create this second GWIA IN the secondary domain (currently there are not Post Offices created in the secondary domain) on the SLES, when an email arrives at the second GWIA and it is destined to a user(s) that exist in a Post Office that lives in the primary domain this email can only be delivered if the Primary Domain is UP.

If the primary domain goes down (this is what I tested), there is no way that the email that came/comes into the second GWIA on the SLES box will get delivered to the any user in the POs that live under the Primary Domain UNTIL the Primary Domain is back online.

In short the Secondary Domain cannot deliver email destined to users in POs that exist in the Primary Domain unless the Primary MTA Domain is up. Right or is there a better way to come up with a redundant GWIA on the SLES box for the Primary Domain?