Hi smoe one know what to do? We are running a NW65 SP7 server in VMWARE. The Server have 3GB RAM, enough free hdd and everythings runinig god till our users start working. The Server is using 100% the hole day till everybody login off. So are there some switches which I could change to get rid of the problem?

I loged into the remote manager and show Profile / Debug

Execution Profile Data by Thread
Thread Name Thread ID Thread State Parent NLM Execution Time
GWPOA-QF Indexer 9C24E2C0 Yielded CPU GWPOA.NLM 45.3 %
GWTCP-BM-Handler_6 9B2241C0 Yielded CPU GWPOA.NLM 21.7 %
GWTCP-BM-Handler_7 A0D2C4C0 Yielded CPU GWPOA.NLM 10.8 %
Server 9 8999E120 Waiting for work SERVER.NLM 9.4 %
Server 6 89970540 Waiting for work SERVER.NLM 7.3 %
Server 00:33 9D3FC220 Waiting for work SERVER.NLM 2.6 %
GWTCP-BM-Dispatcher 9B1EF040 Delayed GWPOA.NLM 0.7 %
httpexpThread30 93B59160 Delayed HTTPSTK.NLM 0.4 %
GWTCP-BM-Handler_3 A53F02E0 Blocked on Semaphore GWPOA.NLM 0.2 %
Java_271 Watcher 989C8200 Blocked on Semaphore JAVA.NLM 0.2 %
Java_195 Watcher 96C51540 Blocked on Semaphore JAVA.NLM 0.2 %
Java_276 Watcher 96FFF340 Blocked on Semaphore JAVA.NLM 0.2 %
Java_601 Watcher 9B86D620 Blocked on Semaphore JAVA.NLM 0.2 %
LDAP Background 94B2F060 Blocked on Semaphore NLDAP.NLM 0.1 %
VMware Tools 1 96F884A0 Blocked on Semaphore VMWTOOL.NLM 0.1 %

best regards