Where is the Docs for NOWS SBE 2.5

SBE is aimed at SMALL BUSINESS - not NHS so my needs are simple

Please remember I'm new to Linux and I simply a 10 user system (10 not 100)

(1) How do I create users
Ok so I've created a couple of users, created a GW users and I can login

I've installed iFolder and cleint on my PC - how do I login?

(2) I need 2nd PO

Created a PO and users but can't login!
I can move the user from PO2 to PO and able to login !

If I try to move user back to PO2 - I get an error object alreday exists!

(3) I've got system running (upto a point) now how do I MIRROR the drive

Perhaps Novell should look at www.smeserver.org - download and install the
SME Server and look at Docs, Howto, FAQ's and Conribs for some insparation.

Bet this post is removed!