Hi all: I have a few questions regarding content replication to satellite servers.

My first question regards the primary server. Is the primary server by default a content replication server? The reason I ask is that if I select several bundles and go to the "Action" menu, it gives me a selection of "Specify Content Server". Selecting this brings you to a dialog where you can include or exclude "Primary Content Server". All of my ZCM servers are on the excluded list. Why?

Given the above, if I go into a specific bundle and select the "Content Servers" tab, it does list my primary server as a content server. This seems at odds with my previous question???

Last question. I have setup "Closest Server Rules" so that employees will get bundles and policies from the ZCM server (primary or satellite) that resides in their office. Do all policies and bundles need to be explicitly included in content replication for it to be delivered from the local server (and not across the wire)??

As always, your help is appreciated, Chris.