We are running Netware 6.5 SP7 and Zenworks 4.01 ir7.

Sorry, I know this is a Zenworks 7 forum, but I thought I would get a lot more views if I also posted in this forum as well.

We have a zen image on our Novell server that is a little over 5Gigs which is located on a NSS volume.

We just got quite a few new computers in and every time I try and run a multicast from the server using the above 5Gig image it keeps stating, "Could not open the specified image file. Try Again?"

Now if I took this 5 gig image and ran the restore from the bash# using img rp server ip address //server name/volume/image location it would restore to the workstation with no problems.

I started thinking that multicast has a image size limit, so playing around with the multicast from the server it would accept images less than 4GB, but everytime I tried running a multicast from a server using my images that are >4GB I would get the error "Could not open the specified image file. Try Again?"

Is there a way of multicasting from a Zenworks 4.01 ir7 server with and image >4GB?