Currently, all users in our district have email service provided via the county schools office. Last year I set up Groupwise 7. This is running on a ntwre oes srvr (6.5 sp 8 eDir 8.8.x)but have never brought it into production (wouldn’t be nice to have more time). I have only had time to test the grpwse but never to migrate everyone from the county office email server onto this one. All my users have eDir accounts so it would just take some time to set up the accounts. I have some questions about Groupwise 8.

1. Would it be best to install Groupwise 8 onto an OES Linux server or better to keep Groupwise on the ntwre box and update it to 8? Or better to install Grpwise 8 on linux and then migrate everyone to it?
2. Since all my users are using Outlook would it be best to config Groupwise so that users can use Outlook on the new server?
3. How have others helped users migrate away from their Outlook clients to the Groupwise Client?