Just got this e-mail from Ron that appears to have gone out to all
customers. I for one think this is good news.

Dear Customer:

I want to share with you an important announcement that Novell made today.

As you may know, on March 2nd, Elliott Associates, L.P. announced an
unsolicited, conditional proposal to acquire Novell. Today we issued a
press release announcing that our Board of Directors has concluded,
after careful consideration, including a review of the proposal with its
independent financial and legal advisors, that Elliott's proposal is
inadequate and that it undervalues the Company's franchise and growth

Additionally, we announced that our Board has authorized a thorough
review of various alternatives to enhance stockholder value.

Our relationship with you is extremely important to all of us at Novell,
and I want to assure you that you can remain confident that we are
committed to serving you as we always have. I also want to reaffirm to
you that it remains business as usual at Novell, and we do not intend
for there to be any changes in our relationship with you. Please do not
hesitate to contact me or other members of our team at any time; we
always strive to be available to provide you the best solutions for your

On behalf of the Board and management team, I thank you for your ongoing
commitment to Novell.


Ron Hovsepian
President and CEO

With great power comes great responsibility.