OK, I am stumped here. I have searched and read all I can on the pxe boot option. I have zcm 10.2.2 installed and running on sles 10 sp 3, I have the dhcp and dns server setup and running on the same box. I have enabled the novell-dhcp proxy and it is running, although when I enabled the dhcp-proxy and tell it to start on boot the dhcp server will not start, I have to stop the proxydhcp and then start dhcp and then restart the proxydhcp. I have added a helper-address in my router for the vlan I am on. I have disabled the firewall. I have placed the machine in the same switch/subnet as the dhcp server and nothing. I can not get an ip address when using the pxe boot. After the machine starts I get an ip address from the dhcp server just fine. I have try enabling port fast as well, I read a post on this on that wasnt the issue. I need help bad, I am going nuts