Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows 7 on a 32bit Win7-Ultimate Workstation:

Firefox doesn't start because the User Profile is in the users home directory on a clutered NSS Volume.
If I start with an empty profile all necessary files will be created with a size of 0 bytes - but Firefox does not show any bookmarks and I'm also unable to create anything personal that will be stored in sqlite
database files.

If i switch the profile place to a local place everything runs fine.

With the previous client (Novell Client 2 for Windows Vista/2008) on
Windows 7 everything (with firefox profiles) worked fine.

What's wrong with the new Client?
This Problem persists since Windows 7 is available - we're planning to migrate to Windows 7 after SP1 will be available.
Is this the time to switch from OES to Windows Server as well? Seems that Novell has lost it's interest to release a WORKING client for Windows 7 ?