I have 2 of the servers that have gone through the upgrade with a little different results. After following the instructions from Novell Documentation section 5.4.5 step 9, I rebooted the server on one and it asked for the Admin password for edirectory but didn't on the second one. It came to the same upgrade page but had an error 'The module "channel-upgrade-oes" does not work'.

I then found this page(Click NOVELL: Support and put in 7005424). It said to analyze /var/log/YaST2/y2log file but there is so much in there and I am not sure what is missing.

On the server I clicked "Next" and let it come up so I can an run more updates. When I told it to apply new patches I then get an error saying 'Transaction Failed: resolvable heartbeat 2.1.4-0.16.2 not found'.

Any help to get this server to complete the upgrade so I can get it to join my cluster?