Hi all: I am having problems with both my satellite zcm servers. I have the adaptive agent installed on both sles servers (using SateilliteServer.bin) and both have been registered into the zone. I then added both satellite servers under "Configuration". Again, no problems. During the setup of the satellite servers, I specified both servers to manange images, collection, and content.

So, so far everything looked good. I then added a bundle to be replicated to the satellite servers. However, the status of this bundle remains "unavailable". Going to the content-repo directory of the satellite servers reveals it is COMPLETELY EMPTY. On my test satellite server content-repo had three directories, content, imaging, and server-update (or something to that effect).

So it looks like I screwed something up on the satellite server install or setup. I uninstalled both satellite servers and reinstalled, registered, etc - Same thing, nothing seems to be working.

Any suggestions how to diagnose this issue? Thanks, Chris.

PS. When I do a refresh of the primary server, I get a "connection failed" error. Not sure what that the heck that means.