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"Hans Waard, de" wrote:

> HI All,
> We are using BM 3.7 and we are experiencing the following problems.>
> 1) Slow browsing !
> 2) ) when you browse to a site, it takes a real long time to load,
> stoping the browser and press refresh will show the site fast.
> 3) Some sites do not show up at all,
> 4) When we clear proxy cache, browsing is fast, and site are

> quick. However this is only for a period of time, I don't know yet

> long this takes to slow down again.
> We are using bm in cluster setup, so that is why we use NSS volume,>
> * should bm 3.7 proxy work with NSS . or are there known problems *> * what are the correct tune settings for bm proxy 3.7 with nss

> *
> * any other suggestions welcome*
> thnks
> Hans