Hi All,

We are currently in the process of migrating from eDirectory to Active Directory (Please don't judge me, the decision was out of my hands!). We plan, however, to stick with ZCM 10. Most of our users are still logging into eDirectory, and we plan to switch everyone over in a month or two once everything is working as it should.

I've added the 2 user sources (both eDirectory and Active Directory) to the ZEN server, and assigned all the policies to both sets of users. The problem is that when I try to login to a workstation with Active Directory credentials, I get a ZEN login box asking me to login to ZEN. Our eDirectory users don't get this as we have a Dynamic Local User policy assigned to the workstations that handle it. Is that the way ZEN with Active Directory is supposed to work, or can we set it up so our users only need to enter their login credentials once? Our users are extremely fussy, and won't be happy about essentially having to login twice.

Any help anyone could provide would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,