Unfortunately, our district was unable to resolve the crashes in running GroupWise 8.01 on any Windows XP system...
We have exausted every resource that we know...
For us, GroupWise 8.01 Client runs fine with Server 2003, 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7, but Windows XP was a disaster on every system we tried. I have over 500 pc's, and unfortunately 98% are Windows XP.

It's unfortunate that we are force back to GroupWise 7. My only hope is that Novell will have these problems resolve before the end of this "semester/school year", or we will be forced to move to something else.

----- a basic follow-up for all you GroupWise gooroos out there. -----
Please keep in mind, during our testing process we have been working with new Windows XP installes, with only SP3 and office 2007 thats it, nothing else. With the Grpwise client, we have been loading only the:
gw801HP_client_win_en.exe and also trying the multi user client as well.

The results everytime.

1. Groupwise Sync service hangs on exit if you are lucky to get in without crashing.
2. Much of the time you can login from the main groupwise client launch window where it ask you all the info on the server ip, groupwise port, etc..
But, if your registery already has a default user and all it ask you for is the password it freezes your groupwise.exe 100% of the time while logging in, until you kill the process your compter is locked at the groupwise login.
3. Even if you get in from using main Groupwise login window, then after two minutes the system pop's up requesting a groupwise password again, but then the users password never works, you must cancle the request, and then every few minutes it pops back up asking for the password again.
4. Even if you get in using the main Groupwise login window, requesting your addressbook freezes 60-80% of the time.
5. If you have an word, excel attachment and you try to open the attachment it launches your Microsoft Office Setup into a endless loop.
6. If you are in a Office program and you use the "Send To" feature it locks your system up, untill you kill the groupwise processes.
7. If I set the GroupWise Icon/shortcut to Windows 98 compatibility then you can login with lockup and the address books work etc... I almost seems like it resolves the problems but then I found many other features that crash your client, or does not work, etc...

I would be willing to try anything at all if someone has any other idea's.