Hi all: GW8 is beginning to **** me off. I use the client as a news reader for the Novell Support forums. For the most part it works just fine - BUT - not for replying to posts.

I use quickview to read posts on these forums. If I reply to a post by clicking the "Reply" button in quickview, I have a 50-50 chance of the reply being sent. When it fails I get a message indicate the "header is bad". My reply then gets tossed into the work-in-progress bin. If I right-click on the post and select "Reply" from the menu, it always goes through.

Yes I should just always right-click on the post, but I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM prior to version 8. WTF is up with this? Any fixes you could suggest? (other than going back to version 7).

Thanks, Chris.