We have proliant DL380 2-node NetWare 6.5sp6 cluster servers with an external storage MSA500 used for data. Node 1 sys hard drive scsi id 1 failed and console message says "CPQRAID: the hp smart aray 5i slot 0 id 0 lun 0 device is now operating in interim recovery mode."

I'm waiting for hard drive from HP. HP says its a hot pluggable hard drive and i can just remove the failed drive, install the new replacement and smart array will remirror automatically.
However, I came across this Netware document (10097267) - Last modified: 08Apr2005)
"Replaced mirrored SCSI drive in server and Cluster volumes disappeared."
Document says:
"IMPORTANT! Never install or replace any devices within a server (Cluster or not) while attached to a SAN. Detach server from SAN then begin any maintenance procedures. After completion, reconnect server to SAN."

Does this apply also if nodes are connected to an external storage MSA500? Should I first disconnect server from the external storage before replacing the harddrive? if so, after I install the hard drive do i reboot the server after mirroring is completed?

Please advise.
thanx in advance.