Hi -

Installed BMAN 3.7 + the patches indicated at nscsysop.hypermart.net.Basically using just proxy w/ no access rules configured... server
41 times on Wednesday. Any ideas, anyone?

Here's the first two abends:

=== cut here ===

Server BMAN halted Wednesday, May 14, 2003 11:43:48.820 am
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.60.03: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error

CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0010 SS = 0010
EAX = 00000000 EBX = D193B5C4 ECX = 26D65004 EDX = 26D73004
ESI = 26CC9D24 EDI = 00040000 EBP = 3FFFFFFF ESP = CBFCEA68
EIP = CDD60C90 FLAGS = 00010046
CDD60C90 803849 CMP [EAX]=?,49
EIP in PROXY.NLM at code start +00007C90h
Access Location: 0x00000000

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
CDD60C90 803849 CMP [EAX],49
CDD60C93 0F85EF000000 JNZ CDD60D88
CDD60C99 8078016E CMP [EAX+01],6E
CDD60C9D 0F85E5000000 JNZ CDD60D88
CDD60CA3 80780264 CMP [EAX+02],64
CDD60CA7 0F85DB000000 JNZ CDD60D88
CDD60CAD 80780375 CMP [EAX+03],75
CDD60CB1 0F85D1000000 JNZ CDD60D88
CDD60CB7 80780473 CMP [EAX+04],73
CDD60CBB 0F85C7000000 JNZ CDD60D88

Running process: Server 00:53 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: SERVER.NLM
Stack pointer: CBFCEF80
OS Stack limit: CBFC7040
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 50500F0 Waiting for work
Stack: --C8A95ED0 ?
C887611A (TCP.NLM|TCPSetOption+2822)
--D193B5C4 ?
--26CC9D38 ?
C887E7B8 (TCP.NLM|TCPMPUnsafeConnectionLookup+5A8)
--D193B622 ?
--C8A95ED0 ?
--00000004 ?
--C8A95ED0 ?
C8875399 (TCP.NLM|TCPSetOption+1AA1)
--C8A95ED0 ?
--D193B5C4 ?
--7ADE9E3B ?
--ADC223F7 ?
--00000000 ?
--000005B4 ?
--00000028 ?
--44700010 ?
--0000FFFF ?
--00000000 ?
--DB670210 ?
--694CA3D8 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--50000210 ?
--F4DC41C6 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
D0A98366 (PEDGE3.HAM|mega_IssueCmdLogDisk+7E2)
--5BB83BC6 (USBIO.NLM|__NLM_BSS_End+563E)
--00000008 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in PROXY.NLM. The
may be in that module or in data passed to that module by a process
owned by

Loaded Modules:
CPFILTER.NLM SurfControl Content Database
Version 5.00.01 March 20, 2002
Code Address: CE64E000h Length: 0001B634h
Data Address: CE66B000h Length: 0000D551h
PROXY.NLM Novell Internet Proxy Server NLM PXY36_13
Version 3.71.16 March 31, 2003
Code Address: CDD59000h Length: 000BF044h
Data Address: CDE1A000h Length: 00062EE0h
JNDPS.NLM Native Wrapper Java Class Libraries for NDPS
Version 2.01
Code Address: C9096000h Length: 0000E3B7h
Data Address: C90A6000h Length: 00002374h
DPLSV386.NLM NetWare 5.x, 6.x Distributed Print Library - DPLSV386

Version 1.08.06 February 12, 2003
Code Address: C8E7E000h Length: 0005F22Dh
Data Address: C8EDF000h Length: 00006644h
NIPPED.NLM NetWare 5.x, 6.x INF File Editing Library - NIPPED
Version 1.03
Code Address: C8709000h Length: 0000524Dh
Data Address: C8710000h Length: 0000016Ch
Version 3.00.13 February 12, 2003
Code Address: C863C000h Length: 000052D4h
Data Address: C8643000h Length: 00001CB0h
JCLNT.NLM NetWare JClient-Native (Build 1.1.1042)
Version 1.01
Code Address: C8544000h Length: 0001B741h
Data Address: C8561000h Length: 0000AD60h
JCLNTR.NLM NetWare JClient-Native Resources (Build 1.1.1042)
Version 1.01
Code Address: C8524000h Length: 00002161h
Data Address: C8528000h Length: 0000086Ch
TCPSTATS.NLM Web Interface for Protocol Monitoring
Version 6.00.15 March 3, 2003
Code Address: CDCE9000h Length: 0000DAFCh
Data Address: CDCF8000h Length: 00005450h
NLSADAPT.NLM NLSAPI Remote Adapter for NetConsole
Version 1.02
Code Address: CDC9C000h Length: 00002CDDh
Data Address: CDCA0000h Length: 000007A5h
NLSLRUP.NLM NLS - Usage Metering
Version 4.01
Code Address: CD814000h Length: 0003A93Ah
Data Address: CD850000h Length: 000104A0h
HWDETECT.NLM Novell Hardware Insertion/Removal Detection
Version 1.18.06 February 24, 2003
Code Address: CD71F000h Length: 00002B13h
Data Address: CD723000h Length: 00000D40h
Version 2.05.01 November 12, 2002
Code Address: CD44F000h Length: 000069C3h
Data Address: CD457000h Length: 00003180h
RADCLNT.NLM Novell Radius Client ADM Authentication Provider
Version 1.01
Code Address: CD3F7000h Length: 000025F0h
Data Address: CD3FB000h Length: 00000604h
CRON.NLM NetWare Scheduler
Version 1.70
Code Address: CD3AA000h Length: 00000BFCh
Data Address: CD3AC000h Length: 00000308h
NLSTRAP.NLM NetWare License Server Trap
Version 5.02
Code Address: CD372000h Length: 000028EEh
Data Address: CD376000h Length: 00000689h
NADMSNAP.NLM Novell ADM Authentication Provider
Version 1.11
Code Address: CD34A000h Length: 0000F409h
Data Address: CD35B000h Length: 000019E4h
BRDMON.NLM Border Service SNMP/NCP Monitor NLM PXY024
Version 3.60.02 September 14, 2001
Code Address: CD30A000h Length: 0000198Eh
Data Address: CD30D000h Length: 000069B8h
JSTCP.NLM Jetstream TCP Transport Layer (Build 342 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: CD2F7000h Length: 00004AE0h
Data Address: CD2FD000h Length: 000001E0h
JSMSG.NLM Jetstream Message Layer (Build 350 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: CD2E0000h Length: 00006500h
Data Address: CD2E8000h Length: 00000230h
DFSLIB.NLM DFS Common Library (Build 258 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: CD2C0000h Length: 00000583h
Data Address: CD2C2000h Length: 00000080h
JNET.NLM Java net (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CD280000h Length: 00002CBDh
Data Address: CD284000h Length: 00000AC0h
Version 5.02
Code Address: CD1A0000h Length: 00071D97h
Data Address: CD213000h Length: 00006FB4h
ACSNAP.NLM ActivCard ADM Authentication Provider
Version 1.00
Code Address: CD160000h Length: 000129FBh
Data Address: CD174000h Length: 00006F20h
ADM.NLM Novell Authentication Device Manager
Version 2.67
Code Address: CC870000h Length: 00009E58h
Data Address: CC87B000h Length: 00002994h
AUTHCHK.NLM Novell Background Authentication NLM
Version 3.70.03 August 29, 2002
Code Address: CC854000h Length: 00001C3Dh
Data Address: CC857000h Length: 00002950h
PROXYCFG.NLM Novell Proxy Configuration NLM
Version 3.70.01 September 5, 2002
Code Address: CC804000h Length: 00013DE2h
Data Address: CC819000h Length: 00004554h
IPXF.NLM IPX Fragmentation Layer
Version 3.10.01 May 19, 1998
Code Address: CC5B0000h Length: 000017D9h
Data Address: CC5B3000h Length: 00004180h
SYMCJIT.NLM Symantec Java JIT for Netware Java 1.3.x
Version 3.10.21 October 21, 2002
Code Address: CC452000h Length: 00061FDAh
Data Address: CC4B6000h Length: 000133E8h
NBMALERT.NLM Novell Border Manager Alert Utility BM35_G.01
Version 1.05.01 May 19, 1999
Code Address: CC352000h Length: 00003AB5h
Data Address: CC357000h Length: 000012C0h
NWTRAP.NLM NetWare 5.x Trap Monitor
Version 5.00.01 May 23, 2000
Code Address: CC2EE000h Length: 000065F3h
Data Address: CC2F6000h Length: 0000A2D0h
NTREND.NLM NetWare 5.x Trend MIB
Version 5.00.02 May 23, 2000
Code Address: CBF51000h Length: 0000D022h
Data Address: CBF60000h Length: 000048C8h
MWISE.NLM ManageWise License Check
Version 2.01.01 April 29, 1998
Code Address: CBF38000h Length: 000000A2h
Data Address: CBF3A000h Length: 0000000Ch
BRDSRV.NLM Novell Border Server Service NLM PXY024
Version 3.60.02 September 14, 2001
Code Address: CBEAB000h Length: 00002A9Fh
Data Address: CBEAF000h Length: 00001470h
CSATPXY.NLM CS Audit Trail Proxy Agent BM37SP1_02SEP2002
Version 2.10.03 September 2, 2002
Code Address: CBE85000h Length: 000023DCh
Data Address: CBE89000h Length: 00000AD0h
LIC_API.NLM License APIs IP020A.G03
Version 2.01
Code Address: CBE51000h Length: 000019D8h
Data Address: CBE54000h Length: 000007E8h
Version 3.70.26 January 20, 2003
Code Address: CBD44000h Length: 0001C852h
Data Address: CBD62000h Length: 0003D194h
BTCPCOM.NLM BTCPCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90
Code Address: CBD0E000h Length: 000043C0h
Data Address: CBD14000h Length: 00000CECh
NSLCGI.NLM LCGI support library
Version 6.00.07 January 18, 2002
Code Address: CBCDB000h Length: 0000A07Bh
Data Address: CBCE7000h Length: 00003592h
CDHFS.NSS NSS Loadable Storage System (LSS) for Apple Mac HFS
(Build 575 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: CBC41000h Length: 000083C4h
Data Address: CBC4B000h Length: 0000082Ch
CD9660.NSS NSS Loadable Storage System (LSS) for standard ISO
9660 CDs
(Build 651 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: CBC15000h Length: 0000734Ch
Data Address: CBC1E000h Length: 00000614h
ZIP.NLM Java zip (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CBBA2000h Length: 0000AD6Ch
Data Address: CBBAE000h Length: 00001B30h
JVMLIB.NLM Java jvmlib (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CBB32000h Length: 00016671h
Data Address: CBB4A000h Length: 00005890h
RCONAG6.NLM RConsole Agent for Netware
Version 6.10.04 January 28, 2003
Code Address: CBAE0000h Length: 00005085h
Data Address: CBAE7000h Length: 00002E40h
VERIFY.NLM Java verify (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CBA76000h Length: 00008294h
Data Address: CBA80000h Length: 00001A40h
Version 1.03
Code Address: CB9D4000h Length: 00030F2Eh
Data Address: CBA07000h Length: 00015F82h
JVM.NLM Java jvm (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CB8EA000h Length: 00048DAFh
Data Address: CB934000h Length: 000077D4h
JSOCK6X.NLM NetWare 6.x Support For Java Sockets
Version 1.31.01 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CB81C000h Length: 00007D5Dh
Data Address: CB825000h Length: 00000DE0h
LBURP.NLM LDAP Bulkload Update/Replication Protocol service
for Novell eDirectory 8.6.
Version 10210.44
Code Address: CB807000h Length: 0000109Ch
Data Address: CB80A000h Length: 000003F4h
JAVA.NLM Novell JVM Version 1.3.1_06 Build 03031310
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CB72B000h Length: 0002AB91h
Data Address: CB757000h Length: 00009E98h
JSOCK.NLM Support For Java Sockets
Version 1.31.01 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CB703000h Length: 000000B3h
Data Address: CB705000h Length: 00000074h
LDAPXS.NLM NetWare Extension Server for LDAP SDK
Version 2.07
Code Address: CB457000h Length: 0000395Bh
Data Address: CB45C000h Length: 00000770h
NLDAP.NLM LDAP v3 for Novell eDirectory 8.6.2
Version 10350.12
Code Address: CB180000h Length: 0005E872h
Data Address: CB1E0000h Length: 000277F0h
SAS.NLM Secure Authentication Services
Version 1.70
Code Address: CAFD6000h Length: 00056370h
Data Address: CB02E000h Length: 0001E480h
NDSIMON.NLM NDS iMonitor 1.5.5
Version 10220.02
Code Address: CABAC000h Length: 000BD041h
Data Address: CAC6B000h Length: 0004B5CEh
BSPXCOM.NLM BSPXCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90
Code Address: CA9C2000h Length: 0000525Ah
Data Address: CA9C9000h Length: 00000BB0h
PORTAL.NLM NetWare Remote Manager NLM
Version 2.00.02 February 27, 2003
Code Address: CA6D3000h Length: 000A7E82h
Data Address: CA77C000h Length: 000482C4h
NWIDK.NLM CDWare Volume Module
Version 3.01.01 November 15, 2002
Code Address: CA691000h Length: 00004640h
Data Address: CA697000h Length: 00000730h
WSPSSL.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for SSL
Version 6.20.02 February 21, 2003
Code Address: CA4F4000h Length: 00005EC3h
Data Address: CA4FB000h Length: 000108DFh
HTTPSTK.NLM Novell Small Http Interface
Version 2.00
Code Address: CA2B9000h Length: 0001872Ch
Data Address: CA2D3000h Length: 00012A30h
NILE.NLM Novell Secure Socket Services NLM With Debug Symbols

Version 1.06.01 January 17, 2003
Code Address: CA172000h Length: 0005325Bh
Data Address: CA1C7000h Length: 0001F3D0h
PKI.NLM Novell Certificate Server
Version 2.23.02 April 4, 2002
Code Address: CA0C5000h Length: 0006CE25h
Data Address: CA133000h Length: 000215D0h
PKIAPI.NLM Public Key Infrastructure Services
Version 2.23
Code Address: C9FBF000h Length: 00036281h
Data Address: C9FF7000h Length: 000061D4h
Version 2.07
Code Address: C9F4D000h Length: 0001C2C7h
Data Address: C9F6B000h Length: 0000499Ch
NWUTIL.NLM Novell Utility Library NLM ()
Version 1.03.05 December 13, 2002
Code Address: C9ECA000h Length: 00012A48h
Data Address: C9EDE000h Length: 00019D64h
Version 4.10.19 June 17, 2002
Code Address: C9D69000h Length: 00013480h
Data Address: C9D7E000h Length: 00002638h
NWBSRVCM.NLM NWBSRVCM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90
Code Address: C9CC8000h Length: 00006776h
Data Address: C9CD0000h Length: 00000AD0h
SERVINST.NLM NetWare 5.x/6.x Instrumentation
Version 5.00.08 February 11, 2003
Code Address: C9981000h Length: 0001053Ch
Data Address: C9993000h Length: 00007484h
HOSTMIB.NLM NetWare 5.x/6.x Host Resources MIB
Version 5.00.10 February 18, 2003
Code Address: C9954000h Length: 0000B4C0h
Data Address: C9961000h Length: 00003CD8h
RSPX.NLM NetWare Remote Console SPX Driver
Version 4.12
Code Address: C91FD000h Length: 00002380h
Data Address: C9201000h Length: 000038D8h
CSAUDIT.NLM CSLIB: Audit Trail Facility
Version 3.05
Code Address: C919F000h Length: 00009F04h
Data Address: C91AB000h Length: 0000169Ch
CSSYSMSG.NLM CSLIB: System Messages Facility
Version 1.01.08 March 18, 1999
Code Address: C9100000h Length: 00010A57h
Data Address: C9112000h Length: 00004298h
NWSNUT.NLM NetWare NLM Utility User Interface
Version 6.01.04 October 7, 2002
Code Address: C90B8000h Length: 000124EBh
Data Address: C90CD000h Length: 000006E0h
REMOTE.NLM NetWare Remote Console
Version 4.12.01 January 22, 2003
Code Address: C9075000h Length: 000053A4h
Data Address: C907C000h Length: 0000151Ch
Version 6.60
Code Address: C903D000h Length: 0000634Eh
Data Address: C9045000h Length: 0000A5B0h
IPXRTRNM.NLM IPX Router Network Management
Version 6.60
Code Address: C9025000h Length: 0000C223h
Data Address: C9033000h Length: 000043C0h
IPXRTR.NLM IPX NLSP Router Production_02Dec2001
Version 6.70.01 December 3, 2001
Code Address: C8F78000h Length: 00047B7Eh
Data Address: C8FC1000h Length: 00017B10h
IPFLT31.NLM Novell TCP/IP Filter Module
Version 5.31.02 January 27, 2003
Code Address: C8EFF000h Length: 000123D1h
Data Address: C8F13000h Length: 00019730h
INETLIB.NLM NETINFO.CFG Maintenance Library Production_28Mar2002 Version 6.00.04 March 28, 2002
Code Address: C8EEE000h Length: 00009B8Fh
Data Address: C8EF9000h Length: 00000FA2h
NSPDNS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPDNS.NLM Name Service Providers

Version 6.20.01 February 19, 2003
Code Address: C8E57000h Length: 0000230Fh
Data Address: C8E5B000h Length: 000004E4h
Code Address: C8DEC000h Length: 0000385Fh
Data Address: C8DF1000h Length: 000010ACh
BMALMGR.NLM BorderManager Audit Log Manager BM37SP1_21AUG2002
Version 1.00.03 August 21, 2002
Code Address: C8DD0000h Length: 00000A9Ch
Data Address: C8DD2000h Length: 000003F0h
BMSFLOG.NLM BorderManager Sequential File Logging Facility
Version 1.00.04 November 19, 2002
Code Address: C8DAC000h Length: 00003255h
Data Address: C8DB1000h Length: 00001810h
WSPIP.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for TCP and UDP
Version 6.20.02 February 21, 2003
Code Address: C8D76000h Length: 0000E894h
Data Address: C8D86000h Length: 0000208Ch
NCPIP.NLM NetWare NCP Services over IP
Version 5.62
Code Address: C8CF7000h Length: 00014599h
Data Address: C8D0D000h Length: 000021A0h
IPFLT.NLM Novell TCP/IP Filter Support Module
Version 4.60.03 December 10, 2002
Code Address: C8CD1000h Length: 0000026Ch
Data Address: C8CD3000h Length: 00000090h
FILTSRV.NLM Filter Services
Version 1.60.19 November 26, 2002
Code Address: C8C55000h Length: 00019EE7h
Data Address: C8C71000h Length: 000058E4h
BSDSOCK.NLM Novell BSDSOCK Module Production_19Nov2001
Version 6.12.14 November 19, 2001
Code Address: C8B63000h Length: 0000BE89h
Data Address: C8B70000h Length: 0000BB00h
TCPIP.NLM Novell TCP/IP/IPsec Module (Domestic)
Version 6.14.09 January 25, 2002
Code Address: C88E7000h Length: 0005FFCBh
Data Address: C8949000h Length: 00032141h
TCP.NLM Novell TCP/IP/IPsec Module (Domestic)
Version 6.13.04 January 31, 2002
Code Address: C886F000h Length: 0001F57Bh
Data Address: C8890000h Length: 00019670h
Version 6.03.01 October 7, 2002
Code Address: C8728000h Length: 00008CFCh
Data Address: C8732000h Length: 000D08C0h
Version 4.21
Code Address: C861C000h Length: 000003CCh
Data Address: C861E000h Length: 000024E0h
DEBUGLOG.NLM Debug Log NLM (IP0200.G05)
Version 1.00
Code Address: C8595000h Length: 00000D5Ah
Data Address: C8597000h Length: 000005D4h
Version 5.02
Code Address: C84B0000h Length: 0000A51Bh
Data Address: C84BC000h Length: 00001B00h
CE1000.LAN Intel(R) 8254X Based Network Connection
Version 6.76
Code Address: C841E000h Length: 0000F730h
Data Address: 7CF22000h Length: 000067E7h
Version 5.02
Code Address: C83F6000h Length: 000124ABh
Data Address: C840A000h Length: 000022A4h
CE100B.LAN Intel(R) 8255x-based Network Connection
Version 7.02
Code Address: C83B3000h Length: 0000BC5Eh
Data Address: 7CF36000h Length: 00009868h
************************************************** *******