Hi There!

I have done this many times before, but I am struggling to
work out why I can't get it to work now.

We have 2 email domains. domain1.co.nz which I primarily
send/receive on, and domain2.co.nz which we almost always
only receive on.

I want to be able to occasionally send as user@domain2.co.nz
and so I have configured a new pop account with the incoming
set to (I don't want this to receive using this
connector), and outbound to the IP of our GWIA and have
authenticated using my username and password (which I am
certain is correct).

When I select the new account to send out as, the message
says it's sent but sit's queued indefinitely. I have
relaying allowed, for my address and my ip on the gwia,
still it won't go!

How can I determine the cause of this?