Massimo Rosen wrote:
> ...
>> 2. ...

> That's a virtually unheard of issue. I've never seen, nor heard anything
> even remotely similar.
>> 3. ...

> That's another one that is totally unheard of, in fact it's even almost
> a technical impossibility. A running Groupwise Client *never* re-asks
> for your password, unless you completely close and re-open it. There's
> not even such logic build into it. No amount of connection problem,
> backed reboot, or whatever else you may do will trigger such a
> behaviour. The only time Groupwise can and does do actualyl something
> similar is when it's also configured to server other, non-Grouwpise
> POP/IMAP or SMTP accounts.
> ...
>> 5. If you have an word, excel attachment and you try to open the
>> attachment it launches your Microsoft Office Setup into a endless loop.

> Totally unrelated to Groupwise in any whatsoever way. Another pointer
> that your whole XP installation is not OK to start with. This is simply
> Office detecting it's installation isn't ok, and trying (apparently
> unsuccesfully) to repair it every time.
> ...
>> 7. If I set the GroupWise Icon/shortcut to Windows 98 compatibility
>> then you can login with lockup and the address books work etc...

> Don't do that. This is not a proper debugging tactics. Nobody needs to
> set the compatibility mode of Groupwise. Best case, you're masking some
> symptoms, but you're not even remotely working on a solution.
>> I would be willing to try anything at all if someone has any other
>> idea's.

> Then review your XP and application install process, and start to think
> about what could be going on in *your* environemt that could cause all
> these issues. You *really* need to do your homework first. Rest assured,
> none of your issues exist in any "normal" environent. Install (and I
> mean INstall literally, don't image it, don't use any non-standard
> scripted install or whatever, just grab a CD and boot from it, and
> install it manually) a clean Windows XP, patch it, install GW801HP1 yb
> using the regular install routine, and it will work. Period. Install
> Office 2007 ontop of that, again using the regular, manual install
> methods, and it will still work. Period.


Whilst in your experience, the GW8 client may work flawlessly, you can't
possibly make some of the above statements in good faith. Your
knowledge of the hardware environments (not to mention international
language environments) cannot possibly be comprehensive in the absolute
sense. (For this to be true, you would have had to have installed XP
and GroupWise on every compatible piece of hardware in the world.)

Have a read of your words again and ask yourself: "Am i assuming that
David is an incompetent idiot?" It sure seems to me that you are. (I
know i would not appreciate being treated the way you have treated
David.) This is a fundamental mistake in helping to address his
problems. If you assume that he is a competent IT professional who is
simply missing a few key pieces of information about setting up XP and
the GroupWise Client, then far more options open up. (I work mostly
with Linux, and when i come to Windows my knowledge is very limited and
i get frustrated very quickly because my usual toolset is not available
to provide insight when i run into a problem. David might be the same.)

For many of us, the GW8 client is considerably less stable than the GW7
client, and installing it onto the same piece of hardware without
reinstalling Windows works well when GW8 doesn't. Whilst this may be
due to an inadequacy in our setups, it most certainly points to a change
in GroupWise's handling of its execution environment between 7 & 8, and
suggests that these changes need to be refined further by the GroupWise