Currently where I work we are on ZEN 4 with ZAM 7.5 and are migrating to ZCM (10.2.2).

ZAM and ZCM agents cannot co-exist so we're looking at migrating all data from ZAM into ZCM. We have migrated a couple of sites from ZEN 4 to ZCM and not worried about the ZAM side of things as they are small sites and I thought that after migrating to ZCM from ZEN 4 I could import ZAM into ZCM and it would pick up the devices already in ZCM, would I be correct in this or would it create duplicate devices?

We have a number of contracts and user defined fields will these be migrated, from what I have read yes, but I did see one post here of someone's data not migrating.

Our local Novell support hasn't done a migration like this so they can't really help, so I thought I'd ask here for some input from anyone.

I see that in 10.3 ZEN 7 and ZCM 10 (Asset Management) agents can co-exist, does anyone know if this'll be the same for ZEN4 and ZCM 10?