Is it possible to have iPrint servers and Satellite servers on the same Linux machine? In a previous installation of ZCM we used ports 8080 and 4433 with all primaries (which we were told was wrong), but in our latest implementation we've used ports 80 and 443 with satellite servers in the field.

The documentation stated we needed ports 80 and 443 free on the servers and for our internal imaging server we just stopped apache2 from running and everything worked fine. Following the same instructions we attempted to do the same in the field and, oops, there went our ability to print... Luckily we only did a few servers and the issue has been isolated.

However we're concerned with going forward. The first field server actually has the appache2 service already running and even tho we used the same process we're not sure why it's working fine, but when we started to do the preparation work on the next two servers we almost instantly got calls stating they could not print the moment we stopped appache2.

Has anyone else run into this? Any advice? Do we need to go back to using ports 8080 and 4433 on everything (I dread the though of sorting that out after working on this project for nearly 1.5 years).