I recently went to NW6.5 SP8 on our main file/print server, as I migrated
another server to NW6.5 SP8 and wanted to ensure a consistent platform.
It was long overdue anyway, and ArcServe had suddenly decided to start
skipping files with read errors earlier that week, so I figured it wouldn't
hurt to be on the latest patch level.

Having followed http://wiki.novell.com/index.php/Nw65sp8 I installed the
recommended post-SP8 patches, and after a clean re-install of Arcserve also,
the backups were running again without errors.

2 days later, during the backup, the server rebooted itself (HP IML screen
shows - ASR Lockup Detected: Code executing in module LIBNSS.NLM v3.27b at
offset +4179h when ASR NMI occurred)

Now one of the post SP8 patches was N65NSS8b (I use CIFS), which I guess as
it contains an updated LIBNSS.NLM is the likely culprit.

Anybody seen this? Am I missing another patch perhaps? I can't see anything
obvious on the patch lists...