About to pull the trigger on a NetWare to OES migration. Interesting issue with migfiles.

We have a volume which hosts a number of departmental mapped drives (drive T and we're planning to go through a department at a time. I was planning to use --exclude-path to indicate which departments we have finished.

I know I can do each sub-folder individually. That script is pretty long since there are 40 or so folders in the DEPTS volume.

When I use --exclude-path and the --delete switch, migfiles does indeed exclude the specified NetWare source from the copy job. Unfortunately though, it doesn't exclude that folder on the destination path. All the files in that folder on the Linux OES box get deleted.

Is there anyway to have migfiles ignore a destination folder when using --delete? (Yes, I know I can write a script for each subfolder...)

Here's the command line we're using

migfiles -s servername -V DATAEPTS/ -x /media/nss/DATA --exclude-path DATAEPTS/IT -i --debug --sync "d-m-Y H:M" --delete --update-ifnewer