We're a school that allows our boarding students internet access in
rooms. Our internet gateway is a server running Netware 5.1 SP5 and BM

3.6. A couple of days ago we lost internet access and I noticed that
server was having some difficulties - it hadn't abended, but moving
between screens was slow. I tried to manually unload the various
but eventhough I could access them, they never actually unloaded. I
rebooted and the server abended (no specific message given). Figuring

that this may be student related, I unplugged the kid's residence
connections from the network and the server booted fine. When I left
night, I plugged the kids back in. The next morning the server had
abended and showed the following messages:

A scheduled "Work to do" took over one minute to be run.

Proxy.nlm will be unloaded and reloaded.

Novell Proxy encountered a fatal error: TCPacketReceived found waiting

request which was already scheduled.

The server was again diplaying the same sluggish behaviour. I then
noticed when I looked in the Novell Bordermanager Proxy Cache Server screen that there was some info at the bottom that I'd never seen

Connection = 3FFA7D24
Connection State = Connection Established
Request = 31AC6004
Request State = HTTP Client Waiting for Reply from Origin Server
WorkToDoScheduledFlags = 1

At that point I figured that it must be something a student was
through the proxy that was causing this problem. I rebooted the
unplugged the residences, and everything has been fine to this point.
thoughts on what might be causing this?