I'm in the process of moving our Zen7 customizations over to the Zen10 CD.
I've now got all the scripts and wee modifications moved over and they're all working fine, however when the partition is booting it doesn't display a splash screen.

In the Zen7 version, the grub menu would display a nice blue novell background, and then as it was going through its 'Auto Imaging' cycle, it would again display a splash screen.

The zen10 partition doesn't seem to do this however, I've checked the zenworks.s and isolinux.cfg files in both Zen10 and Zen7 and can't see any differences which would prevent this working.
If possible, it would also be nice to display a splash screen when booting into maintenance mode.

Also, I would like to customize these images with our Company Logo, I've modified the back.jpg and welcome.jpg files and these now display when initially booting off the CD, but not at any other time.