How does ZCM determine the order of multiple bundle groups assigned to a device (both inherited and direct)? Is it random? Because that's what it appears to be. :)

Is there a way to control this order? I've tried "zman wrob" to change the position of bundle groups inside the same level and even that doesn't work.

I have a device with the following workstation path (by using zman):

Devices/Workstations/02 - High School/HS-Student/HS-709/HS-709-S-01

It has (4) different bundle groups assigned to it at different levels:

zman wlb "02 - High School/HS-Student/HS-709"

Name, Primary Type, Folder, Position

HS-709, Bundle Group, /Bundles, 1

zman wlb "02 - High School"

Name, Primary Type, Folder, Position

HS Common Applications, Bundle Group, /Bundles, 1

zman wlb ""

Name, Primary Type, Folder, Position

Roxio Creator 9 DE, Bundle Group, /Bundles, 1
Common Applications, Bundle Group, /Bundles, 2

All of these bundle groups have an assignment of:

Distribution Schedule: ZENworks - Login, with the "Install Immediately after Distribution" option enabled

It appears that the order in which bundle groups are installed is random. Sometimes the "HS-709" bundle group will install all the bundles inside it completely and then move on to the "HS Common Applications" bundle group (awesome). Other times, it will start installing some bundles from "Roxio Creator 9 DE" and others from "HS-709" and then back to "Roxio Creator 9 DE" (not so awesome).

If I look at the "All" section under the "Relationships" tab for the device, it looks like it does above: a top-down order where the room number bundle group (HS-709) is first and the district-wide bundle groups (Roxio, Common Apps) are last.

It would be great if they installed in either a completely top-down or bottom-up manner rather than a piecemeal approach.

Running 10.2.1