We are excited to announce that we can now offer BorderManager customers
a path forward. SuperLumin 4.0 Proxy Cache is Novell's preferred
firewall and proxy solution for NetWare customers upgrading to Novell
Open Enterprise Server on Linux.

Customers have cited a replacement for BorderManager as a major
requirement in order upgrade to Open Enterprise Server on Linux. Now,
that barrier to adoption has been eliminated.

SuperLumin is at BrainShare, so customers can talk to them immediately
about their product. The NPA will be released soon, after which
SuperLumin 4.0 Proxy Cache will be available on our price list for
direct and partner sales.

Additionally, in order to give customers adequate time to make the move,
Novell has extended BorderManager General Support for two years (through
March 7, 2012). Now, BorderManager customers under maintenance can be
supported for two more years as they plan and deploy their upgrades.