Once again this is more of a Microsoft question but here goes.

How our user accounts work is when users login to the workstation a ZEN DLU policy logs them into a local account which has been configured the way we want it, one of the things being the reg setting which directs IE history to a network drive, so "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ex plorer\User Shell Folders\History" = "H:\IEHist"

This works to direct history to our users H:\ drives, and the last thing I do before I allow users to login is clear the IE history from the local Windows account they're logging into but if we open IE and view the history there are always subdirs for "3 weeks ago", "2 weeks ago" and "last week", which must be from when I was building the image. For some reason these folders are not being removed and are being read from somewhere once a user logs in.

Any idea how to stop this so only history from H:\IEHist is read?